Monday, June 30, 2003

Sue who?
Going through my daily newspaper's reviews of the concerts at this years Roskilde-Festival there's no mentioning of the Suicide concert. It's debateable, but; I believe electronic music is the only innovative musical art form at the moment, and for many years to come. Two of this art forms few truly groundbreaking artists, equal to the importance of Brian Eno, J.M.Jarre and Kraftwerk, play live in Denmark - and get no reviews?!!?!
Probably the space was needed for an in-dept article about Lars Von Triers dog...
Ponder that while you take a look at Suicide's own website:

Saturday, June 28, 2003

Top of the line.
After a stressful beginning my excursion to the Roskilde-Festival finally began to pay off . For starters I had NO sleep the night between Thursday and Friday, not because I'm a hardcore party-animal, but because my tent is next to some who are, the ghetto blasters, blasting out the music of Offspring and the like, stopped at around 6 AM...On top of that my tent was so cold I simply couldn’t sleep.
Accepting my defeat in the face of the camping and Rock and Roll lifestyle I decided to go back to my flat in Copenhagen and get some sleep and decent food.
Returning later in the evening I shared a beer with our well-known friend Uffe and prepared myself for the upcoming concerts with Squarepusher and Suicide.
Squarepusher took the stage first, demonstrating his considerable skills as a 12-string bass player (and he uses the Sony VAIO on the 'puter side!) Still he respectfully paid homage to The Ancient Traditions of Nerd-dom by hiding behind two racks packed with electronics. A brilliant performance.
After that, about an hour and a half was wasted in the company of the somewhat tiresome rapper Mike Ladd, before the stage was set for legendary electronica pioneers Suicide. Entering the stage completely clad in black they made a powerful impression with Alan Vega patrolling the edge of the stage looking like Manuel Noriega on a really bad day, and Martin Rev slapping his keyboard around with a menacing grin, and the whole spectacle backed by some of the grittiest beat loops in electronic music creating Suicide's unique brand of hypnotic pulse.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Off to the Yasgur farm...
in a few hours I’ll be taking off to this years Roskilde-Festival.

Hmmmm... I went there Monday to put up my newly acquired tent, which was the archetypical Roskilde experience: a looooooong journey to a remote part of the camping grounds where I finally managed to find a vacant spot for my tent. All of this under heavy rain clouds and irritating strong winds - of course! Believe it or not, but ten minutes after the tent was up and I was busy pumping up my inflatable - mattress...It started to rain with an almost explosive vigour. I waited for about an hour and a half in the secure comfort of my genuinely waterproof tent, realising that it is exactly twenty years ago (1983) that I went to my first Roskilde-Festival...
This year I go mainly to hear American techno grandfathers Suicide, and I have very little knowledge of many of the other bands, and back then I went to hear Siouxie and The Banshees (and had very little knowledge of many of the other bands)
well... I can feel a slight fever and sore throat building up too...
Roskilde - here I come!

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

George Orwell 1903 - 1950
Today would have been George Orwell's 100'Th birthday. A graduate from Eton College and with a service career in both the British police in Burma and the Republican army during the Spanish Civil War, Orwell had seen both the left and right wing systems of oppression. Experiencing the seedy side of urban life as a down and out in 1920' s London and Paris, he would write about it in the aptly titled "Down and out" (1933). Later in life he worked as a shopkeeper, which he stated taught him how to run a business.
Probably most famous for the books "Animal Farm" and "1984”, Orwell fought a lifelong battle against totalitarianism and the way these systems oppress through revision of history and manipulation of the language (the famous "newspeak" from "1984" is said to have been inspired by his work for the BBC in wartime Britain)
Defining himself as a socialist in the 1930’s, he began to see Stalinist Communism and it's constant purges of anyone with "dissident" thoughts as perhaps an even worse threat to humanity than fascism and Nazism. He ended up fighting the communists in Spain and had to flee for his life.
"1984" is often quoted as an attack on the Communist state, or the state in general, but much of the inspiration came from living in London during World War II - the (V1 and V2) rocket attacks, the low grade clothing and food, the endless war going on somewhere far away (as the British wars in Asia and Africa) and if you see posters of Winston Churchill during that period you realise that he also formed part of the inspiration for "Big Brother".
Written in 1948, “1984” should be required reading for anyone living in the corporate media and information society of today where – once again- "war is peace".

Monday, June 23, 2003

Meet the doc.
Some might have read my complaints over at NSOP about the € 2.000 I have saved up in some stupid pension (which I can't get to until I reach the tender age of sixty) About one month ago I wanted to reopen that same pension, start paying a monthly submission etc, etc. This however turned out to be too expensive as I have back taxes to pay next year, but before I got that far I had to fill in a form. I t turns out that this pension is also an insurance and that meant I had to inform them if I'd ever had any mental diseases, or back problems.
As I actually saw a psychoanalyst for about eighteen months a few years back, and had back problems two years ago, I of course answered "yes" - honest dumb-assed hayseed me -and even wrote the names of the professionals I had consulted. This prompted the good people of the pension to demand further information and they mailed me an extra form to fill out. In the meantime I decided not to have the payments reopened and informed the pensions fund of this.I expected the whole thing to be forgotten, but last week I got a letter informing me that due to my experience with mental problems I was to see the pensions funds own psychiatrist - some Dr. John. D. Chemicalindustries - for a consultation. Remember kids: if you insure people you better be damn sure there's never going to be anything wrong with them, if there is, YOU MIGHT LOOSE MONEY!!!
I wonder what had happened if I'd checked the "yes" box next to:"do you use drugs"...

Saturday, June 21, 2003

Only for ås in dø dænish lingua:
Nogle vil måske huske goe' gamle Skodborg bloggen "Born in the Sixties"
Desværre faldt aktiviteten jo hurtigt til 0,- men Esben har holdt den i live (bla. med et design der er lige i 80'ernes betændte neon-øje) og den er at finde på:
Her kan man nu læse et dicght jeg har skrevet.

Friday, June 20, 2003

He can always put you in that cocktail lounge mood: Dean Martin Fan Center
(Pst: anyone know if the TV-shows are available on video?)
Human sculpture.
in a sense the Internet is a human sculpture, made entirely up by human contributions since it has no solid structures. But of course that's debatable as the Internet's physical existence is data stored on hard drives installed in computers, which again are placed in buildings. However as the Internet is made up from information and this information constantly changes with the activities of the users, it's these users who are the Internet.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Today is Poul McCartney's (61'st) birthday.
Today’s fashion is to compare McCartney unfavourably to John Lennon, but "the cute one" was one of the best bass players in rock, says I.
Tongue make up.
Late 21'st century boys and girls will enjoy the fun of applying make up to their tongues. Oblates with a wide variety of patterns and images can be bought at most shops selling cosmetics. By sucking on the oblate the patterns or images are applied to the tongue and will stay there for at least twenty-four hours. Contemporary pop and movie stars and heroes of the wars are the most popular images but also political slogans and the latest craze of "rarely used words".
Fluorescent versions that glow in the dark are highly popular with young trendsetters who navigate the parties and bars of the nightlife. Prostitutes and drug dealers can deliver information to potential customers by a brief display of a "tongue message" for instance the price and type of services or products.
Stay tuned for "invisible" make up - only visible with the aid of infrared contact lenses.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Greetings viewers!
As you might have noticed, this blog now has a "comments"-function - cool for dropping those pats on the back and insightfull observations.
As the MP said to the dominatrix : make it hurt - but don't leave marks.
Damn fine modeling...
Miko Bayerl's PAK-wagen

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Greetings Earthly men!
I’m afraid this is my last message to you, The Infinite Entity (the ruler of my planet- in fact the whole galaxy I come from) has ordered me to return to my world and make a report. Too bad really because Jorgen (the headmaster) announced today that he was planning to move the entire high school, students, teachers, and all to Colombia and start a farming experiment.
I said goodbye to my “roomie” Knud this morning who performed what I believe is an ancient goodbye ritual here in this world: the throwing of bottles and display of the finger.
Well - goodbye Earthmen! You have many funny things in your world, but the best was actually the porcelain drinking fountains you have put all over the place – so good when you are often thirsty like I am (and what a great idea to have them in separate rooms so you can drink all you want without interruption)
Peace and Love from Pzilon - man of the beyond! - or as we would say on my planet: "to sneeze is messy for those without noses"

Saturday, June 14, 2003

Chillary Clinch-ton for President
- and from now on we want TUNA in those burgers!
Greetings Earthmen!
Yesterday was a most enlightening day! I don’t think I have ever learned so much since I spent a whole day in an Intencitron™ learning The New Corrections to The Common Past™. But that’s not how they do it here on earth No, sir Bubba! here they do learning by doing and lots and lots of social experiment. For instance: at Jorgen (the headmaster)´s house there are more than ten separate rooms devoted exclusively to social experiments, and Mette, the girl I met when I first got here, says she and the other students who are “special assistants” to Jorgen (the headmaster) often go and do social experiments all night. Unfortunately, due to something called “The Big Rule” only girls can be “special assistants” – oh yes! that’s another thing I have learned: “boys” and “girls” – they are just like other earthmen, but they are not the same! For instance: boys do a lot of smoking of the tobacco-that-smell-like-animal-transporters, they sleep most of the time, and don’t really have to do this “manual work”. Because of “The Big Rule” boys can't be a part of the social experiments, so when they are awake they either play the-funny-game-with the-round –leather-object-that-generates-shouting or they watch other boys play it on a rather primitive version of the Visitron™. Now, the funny thing is that the girls are completely different! – they are awake most of the time, do lot’s of manual work and social experiments, and they are all friends of someone named Carrie Rear whom they talk about a lot. But that’s not the only difference! I also discovered that earthmen don’t use Energytrons™ - instead they “eat” and even here there are differences between the boys and the girls. The boys eat mainly cardboard-products and mostly the red and yellow disc-shaped cardboard or the yellow cardboard-sticks.The girls however are much more like my people, they even have the same tradition we use when we commemorate the fallen on Independence Day - they eat a huge amount of food and then throw it all up!
I have to stop my writing now, we have a big meeting at the high school and all students and teachers are to show up, they say Jorgen (the headmaster) has an important announcement.

Friday, June 13, 2003

Greetings Earthmen!
I'm afraid I won't be writing much today. All us students at Sandbækgårdsholmsvejens Kultur-Højskole are going to spend all day doing an exciting social experiment. Jorgen (the headmaster) has invited us all to stay at his home, just a few hundred meters from the school, and here we will try out working closely in groups and experimenting with our manual work capabilities. Jorgen (the headmaster) has kindly offered his own bathroom as a testing ground for this experiment (and he also supplied some tiles)
I am so excited about this day where I will get to know even more people besides Mette and Knud. Knud is also excited and says he hasn't really done any manual work since jail, but here there's at least a chance to look at some cute butts.
See you tomorrow!
Greetings Earthmen!
I've had a most fortunate luck today! not only have I been sent to Store Sandbækgårdsholmsvejens Kultur-Højskole to study the culture, history, and traditions of this planet, I have also met many new people. But the best is my incredible luck! An earthman-friend has suggested I get therapy and what does you know -- my roomie here at the Danish High school is a Therapist ! Isnt that true Knud?
You know you talk kinda funny, are you Swedish?..err…well, I don' know what's going on here right now..err… but it's true I used to work as a therapist, well I used to do lots’ a things, but, erryou know Im more of aerr, freelance-psilosopher you could say, now. er, at the present time that is, at least…err.
Knud has promised to give me some free therapy if I take his turn at the dishwashing and he also borrowed me some beer crates I can make a bed with, what a "guttermand" as they say here at the high school, but now I must stop my writing and get ready for this evenings film-class: we're studying the narrative structures in contemporary German cinema and will be watching "Schwanzi" Holtzbeins "Schoolgirl Frolics pt.III" - see you again tomorrow.
Greetings Earthmen!
I am now on my way to Store Sandbækgårdsholmsvejens Kultur-Højskole where I will learn about the culture, history and traditions of this planet!

Greetings Danish High School! I am Pzilon man from…
Yes, I know that from the Police, I am Jorgen Svind (the headmaster) and I’m very busy at the moment so I’ve arranged for one of the students to show you around the old place:
Hi Pzilon, my name is Mette, let’s get started shall we!
I am Pzilon man....well...
you talk funny, are you from Copenhagen? Well, the rules are quite simple here: no drinking in the dormitories or in the park, only in your room or another students room, If you want to attend classes please inform the teachers a few days in advance so they have time to prepare themselves, please supply a list of the medication you use to Jorgen (the headmaster) within the first week, and remember that Jorgen (the headmaster) advice limiting back talking to no more that two hours per individual per day.
Hubba, Hubba!
Well Jorgen (the headmaster) has managed to make the school part of the new Danish cultural renewal programme called Morning Dew so we’re running a tight ship here now!
Good gully miss Molly!
Er, yes… I will take you to your room now Pzilon, we’ve set you up with Knud, he's a darling person, one of the older students here at the school.

Knud? Hello Knu-uuud!, are you up yet?
Well, I guess he had a rough night, but you can just go and settle in, unpack and all that, see you at dinner five o’clock, right? Bye bye Pzilon.
Greetings Earthmen!
I've had a good long talk with my new earthman-friend Lennard, and he says that he's very busy at the moment and can't really help me, but the best way to learn about this planet is to go to the bistandskontor and get a personal counsellor.

Greetings Personal Counsellor!
Hello my name is Annie, sit down please
I am Pzilon, man from...
Yes, I know that from the Police, you see I've already drawn up a plan for you here – how about a nine month stay at a Danish high school?
But I already have several degrees in science, mathematics, and medicine from The School For The Unusually Gifted on my home planet.
You talk funny, are you from Jutland? Anyway, that’s fine with those degrees Pzilon but you can’t just jump into the queue in front of everybody else, you do understand that don’t you? and at a Danish high school you’ll learn about the traditions, history and culture of this country, and that’s what you need right now , agreed? – See you in nine months then
Greetings Earthmen!
I feel I must present myself to your leaders, could you put me in contact with the brown men of your ruling class.
What brown men?..
The men of your nobility, I must give them presents and greetings from my rulers!
I see them all the time; they wear beautiful clothes and drive powerful shiny transporters, and are brown in colour.
Are you talking about the immigrants from foreign cultures?!?!
No, no, not the pale white ones in bad clothes riding those funny old two-wheeled things
Er, Pzilon, I think I'll have to explain a few things to you first...
Greetings Earthmen!
I am Pzilon, man from the beyond! I have come to your world to study, and learn. I come in peace.
(And on an unrelated note: If you are in any way contacted by a person calling himself Halon who says he wants to warn you and keeps talking about a fleet of 2.000 space cruisers hiding behind Saturn, please ignore him and inform me of his present whereabouts)

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Read about this Danish Lama or whatever, he's placed really high in the hierarchy of the Tibetan Lamaism.Turns out he´s from Northern Seeland (that´s where all the really rich people in Denmark live) and was a bit of a fighter in school, liked to pick fights and win.Then he travelled in the east with his (beautiful) wife in the late sixties.He had an religious experience and became a Buddhist.
First they kick your ass in school and then they become religious leaders...or successfull businessmen, or successfull artists, soccerplayers, etc.
Still asking questions?..
Still looking for answers?..
Learn to handle a gun, says I.