Sunday, June 15, 2003

Greetings Earthly men!
I’m afraid this is my last message to you, The Infinite Entity (the ruler of my planet- in fact the whole galaxy I come from) has ordered me to return to my world and make a report. Too bad really because Jorgen (the headmaster) announced today that he was planning to move the entire high school, students, teachers, and all to Colombia and start a farming experiment.
I said goodbye to my “roomie” Knud this morning who performed what I believe is an ancient goodbye ritual here in this world: the throwing of bottles and display of the finger.
Well - goodbye Earthmen! You have many funny things in your world, but the best was actually the porcelain drinking fountains you have put all over the place – so good when you are often thirsty like I am (and what a great idea to have them in separate rooms so you can drink all you want without interruption)
Peace and Love from Pzilon - man of the beyond! - or as we would say on my planet: "to sneeze is messy for those without noses"

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