Friday, June 13, 2003

Greetings Earthmen!
I'm afraid I won't be writing much today. All us students at Sandbækgårdsholmsvejens Kultur-Højskole are going to spend all day doing an exciting social experiment. Jorgen (the headmaster) has invited us all to stay at his home, just a few hundred meters from the school, and here we will try out working closely in groups and experimenting with our manual work capabilities. Jorgen (the headmaster) has kindly offered his own bathroom as a testing ground for this experiment (and he also supplied some tiles)
I am so excited about this day where I will get to know even more people besides Mette and Knud. Knud is also excited and says he hasn't really done any manual work since jail, but here there's at least a chance to look at some cute butts.
See you tomorrow!

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