Saturday, June 14, 2003

Greetings Earthmen!
Yesterday was a most enlightening day! I don’t think I have ever learned so much since I spent a whole day in an Intencitron™ learning The New Corrections to The Common Past™. But that’s not how they do it here on earth No, sir Bubba! here they do learning by doing and lots and lots of social experiment. For instance: at Jorgen (the headmaster)´s house there are more than ten separate rooms devoted exclusively to social experiments, and Mette, the girl I met when I first got here, says she and the other students who are “special assistants” to Jorgen (the headmaster) often go and do social experiments all night. Unfortunately, due to something called “The Big Rule” only girls can be “special assistants” – oh yes! that’s another thing I have learned: “boys” and “girls” – they are just like other earthmen, but they are not the same! For instance: boys do a lot of smoking of the tobacco-that-smell-like-animal-transporters, they sleep most of the time, and don’t really have to do this “manual work”. Because of “The Big Rule” boys can't be a part of the social experiments, so when they are awake they either play the-funny-game-with the-round –leather-object-that-generates-shouting or they watch other boys play it on a rather primitive version of the Visitron™. Now, the funny thing is that the girls are completely different! – they are awake most of the time, do lot’s of manual work and social experiments, and they are all friends of someone named Carrie Rear whom they talk about a lot. But that’s not the only difference! I also discovered that earthmen don’t use Energytrons™ - instead they “eat” and even here there are differences between the boys and the girls. The boys eat mainly cardboard-products and mostly the red and yellow disc-shaped cardboard or the yellow cardboard-sticks.The girls however are much more like my people, they even have the same tradition we use when we commemorate the fallen on Independence Day - they eat a huge amount of food and then throw it all up!
I have to stop my writing now, we have a big meeting at the high school and all students and teachers are to show up, they say Jorgen (the headmaster) has an important announcement.

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