Monday, June 23, 2003

Meet the doc.
Some might have read my complaints over at NSOP about the € 2.000 I have saved up in some stupid pension (which I can't get to until I reach the tender age of sixty) About one month ago I wanted to reopen that same pension, start paying a monthly submission etc, etc. This however turned out to be too expensive as I have back taxes to pay next year, but before I got that far I had to fill in a form. I t turns out that this pension is also an insurance and that meant I had to inform them if I'd ever had any mental diseases, or back problems.
As I actually saw a psychoanalyst for about eighteen months a few years back, and had back problems two years ago, I of course answered "yes" - honest dumb-assed hayseed me -and even wrote the names of the professionals I had consulted. This prompted the good people of the pension to demand further information and they mailed me an extra form to fill out. In the meantime I decided not to have the payments reopened and informed the pensions fund of this.I expected the whole thing to be forgotten, but last week I got a letter informing me that due to my experience with mental problems I was to see the pensions funds own psychiatrist - some Dr. John. D. Chemicalindustries - for a consultation. Remember kids: if you insure people you better be damn sure there's never going to be anything wrong with them, if there is, YOU MIGHT LOOSE MONEY!!!
I wonder what had happened if I'd checked the "yes" box next to:"do you use drugs"...

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