Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Tongue make up.
Late 21'st century boys and girls will enjoy the fun of applying make up to their tongues. Oblates with a wide variety of patterns and images can be bought at most shops selling cosmetics. By sucking on the oblate the patterns or images are applied to the tongue and will stay there for at least twenty-four hours. Contemporary pop and movie stars and heroes of the wars are the most popular images but also political slogans and the latest craze of "rarely used words".
Fluorescent versions that glow in the dark are highly popular with young trendsetters who navigate the parties and bars of the nightlife. Prostitutes and drug dealers can deliver information to potential customers by a brief display of a "tongue message" for instance the price and type of services or products.
Stay tuned for "invisible" make up - only visible with the aid of infrared contact lenses.

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