Saturday, June 28, 2003

Top of the line.
After a stressful beginning my excursion to the Roskilde-Festival finally began to pay off . For starters I had NO sleep the night between Thursday and Friday, not because I'm a hardcore party-animal, but because my tent is next to some who are, the ghetto blasters, blasting out the music of Offspring and the like, stopped at around 6 AM...On top of that my tent was so cold I simply couldn’t sleep.
Accepting my defeat in the face of the camping and Rock and Roll lifestyle I decided to go back to my flat in Copenhagen and get some sleep and decent food.
Returning later in the evening I shared a beer with our well-known friend Uffe and prepared myself for the upcoming concerts with Squarepusher and Suicide.
Squarepusher took the stage first, demonstrating his considerable skills as a 12-string bass player (and he uses the Sony VAIO on the 'puter side!) Still he respectfully paid homage to The Ancient Traditions of Nerd-dom by hiding behind two racks packed with electronics. A brilliant performance.
After that, about an hour and a half was wasted in the company of the somewhat tiresome rapper Mike Ladd, before the stage was set for legendary electronica pioneers Suicide. Entering the stage completely clad in black they made a powerful impression with Alan Vega patrolling the edge of the stage looking like Manuel Noriega on a really bad day, and Martin Rev slapping his keyboard around with a menacing grin, and the whole spectacle backed by some of the grittiest beat loops in electronic music creating Suicide's unique brand of hypnotic pulse.

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