Monday, July 21, 2003

Attention all readers!
Since I announced the closing of this blog my mailbox has been overloaded with mail from frustrated fans- a few samples:

Dear Mr. Grahn: For over ten years my husband has suffered from impotence, but when I began reading to him your testoterone fueled comments on modern life - the powers of his youth returned! and we are now a happy couple again
thankyou! XXXX

Mr Grahn: How can you stop this blog? in my country we do not have the freedom of speach you have in your country, we are shut out from the world of free information! For many months the only way our underground resistance group could find news of what was going on outside the borders of our oppressive and totalitarian dictatorship - was your blog! Do not silence your voice of freedom! please go on carrying your torch of knowledge forward through the darkness! and give hope to my people!
Sincerely XXXX

Dear Lennard We are class 2C from XXXX school and we just want to say that we all started crying when we learned your blog was closing down. Please go on with your blog and keep us from crying.

Mr. Grahn: Here at the institute of Media and Communications Studies at XXXX University we are alarmed by the fact that your blog stops. What are we going to tell the students already preparing exams based on your brilliant writings?! or what about your upcoming lecture on handheld physiology and the internet? in the name of Science: do NOT close your blog!

Dear Mr. Grahn: How can you stop this blog, when the time of falling cherry-blossoms has just ended and we are entering the time of the smiling face. Here at the monastry we send every day a thousand prayers in the hope that you will change your mind. You are to blog - it is so written!

Naturally this sort of response from readers gives food for thought. And my answer is this: Yes - I will think about it ...

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