Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Which way to Le station centrale, bitte.
Back from my day as a tourist in Copenhagen. It's funny how you can actually do that; be a tourist in your own city because there's plenty of things happening; I rode the subway to Amager - and spotted a middle aged crossdresser - they seem to hit the streets during the summer, I saw one last summer too - took the S-train to Noerrebro Station- that part of Copenhagen is now so ethnic it's almost like going to an arabic country - Walla, Walla - walked around Oersterbro - that's a bit like going to Paris - and so on. Bought the homeless peoples magazine from a guy with a huge sore on his forehead who wished me a good evening (it was 1 pm..) And just as I returned home it started to rain - from a cloudless sky!?. A Nice day for sure.

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