Tuesday, August 19, 2003

And all because some other smart salesman made me buy an add in the yellow pages...

I did it again! - I received a call from a business selling a phone answering service
First the nice young lady informed me that she had been calling my business number for several days without being able to reach me (a lie - yesterday my answering machine was turned off by mistake, but not for several days) then she continued explaining how their service worked, a call not answered by me would automatically be redirected to one of their operators who would then inform me about the call. Then came the usual BS: A service she would definitely use herself if she had a business (and with her friendly way of talking she must be your friend, and we all like to do what our friends do, don't we?), the way I was operating now was making me loose costumers (MY GOD!!!) and if I called someone and nobody answered would I not slam down the handle and immediately call another company? (install fear into the prey and it will stop thinking rationally and run for cover = your business proposal)
But I told her I could handle the calls myself
She asked me if this was really true
I said yes
She got sarcastic and said I was really in control there, huh?
I said yes
She laughed (sarcastic again, one bonus point was lost with this customer)
And said goodbye

Kill them - with Love™!!!

(and remember: If you really need to hire people to do the most simple tasks for you, you're never going to survive as a small business - only executives can do that)

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