Monday, August 11, 2003

Crime and punishment.
Had an O.K start at nr.3 job, my boss made fun of the way I pronounced "Photoshop" (that's what I teach at nr.3 job) well..- I've been getting crap from every boss I ever had except two (leaders of leisure clubs for children and disabled people, maybe I should get back in that line of work)

In the immortal words of ICE-T (Copkiller) :

I've got my my headlights TURNED OFF
I've got my shutgun SAWED OFF
And I'm ready to dust a BOSS OFF

He said it about cops, but I'm beginning to think violence really IS the answer if you're the type of person who can't seem to get any respect. Only problem is you go to jail for it, but the power, the feeling, the sight of those dumb assholes shitting their pants before they have their brains blown out - mmh good! and then I'll board my command-tank and head off for the next village with my band of merry prankters - all well-armed, and looking for a GOOD time!
Ahoy boatsman: Hang them high today! I'm entertaining guests...
Aye captain!

(joking, of course - Mondays...)

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