Friday, August 15, 2003

Have you tried Funoflex™? - It’s only € 9.95 a hit.

Had my first day at nr.3 job This time I've actually drawn up a plan for the entire sixteen weeks, but of course some students wanted to go off in their own directions, I told them no and they just look at you funny. I can't stand being in the classroom, all the questions, and it's always the same: I'm standing there trying to explain something and because I tell them things flat out like: "yeah, that's a flaw in the software..." they start thinking I don't know what I'm talking about. My problem is not that I don't know what I'm talking about - because I do - the problem is that usually people don't believe me because I seem insecure, and they don't know shit, so how can they know if I'm telling the truth or not? Same thing with my failure to get a drivers license - I can drive a car - but I can't convince them to give me a license. Basically I don't know how other people think and that keeps getting me in trouble because I obviously think in a different way - where's the fun in seeing someone fry in front of a majority? Not my kind of fun, but maybe you learn that from drunken dads barking at the T.V or moms bitching over coffee in the kitchen: since we're going nowhere there's ALWAYS room for some cheap thrills.

Ahoy boats man: Do we still have those firebombs below deck?

Aye Captain! - Six hundred was the last count!

Then set sails for the sub(b)ur(p)s! - Ahs feels like throwing a barbecue!

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