Wednesday, August 06, 2003

I forgot to remember to forget and then remember again when the holidays ended.

A nice day today: I was awakened 8 am by a young female artist from my job nr.1 - this place is a video and computer workshop for artists started five years ago by the majority of my fellow classmates from the Art-academy (including my professor) - I wasn't invited back then, by the way.
She had some questions regarding some new software, I agreed to stop by before I went to my NR.2 job (pun very much intended) She called back ten minutes later to inform me that she had solved the problem herself (she must have glanced through the manual, good girl - try that next time before you wake people up) As my internet at home wasn't working I sat and relaxed for a couple of hours - no sense in going back to sleep. I then bicycled through the charming Copenhagen traffic (nobody pays attention to what other people are doing as long as they are themselves not violating any red traffic lights or are doing something they themselves feel is o.k. and not dangerous at all) When I arrived at NR.2 job (pun there, again) - The Royal Danish Art academy of bla, bla, bla, I was greeted by representatives of the special breed of White-thrash assholes that always manage to find employment as Wardens, janitors or what ever job that may suit a person with seven years of schooling. While sharing an elevator with these humble workfolk I not only had the pleasure of their sweaty odour but also enjoyed their humorous comments on the red colour of my skin- a result of spending too much time in the sun yesterday. Attempts from me at going along with the joviality were instantly thwarted and it was clear that the special hierarchy installed in the feeble minds of these two voters and fully paid up members of the welfare state did not include friendliness towards: former-students-who-now-make-money-just-sitting-on-their-arses-doing-nothing-with-those-computers-while-we-do-all-the-real-work.
As I stepped off at the fourth floor I could immediately start picking up the cigarette butts and empty beer-bottles left behind by the students, while I put the various cables back into the expensive video and computer equipment, of course removed by students who - in spite of a general lack of technical abilities - have no fear what so ever of trying out new interesting combinations between cable, port and computer (and if things don't quite fit, there' s nothing like getting a few frustrations worked out by MAKING them fit) After these routines I began helping the few student not spending this warm and sunny day getting high at Christiania or at the beach. Mainly this means explaining things like how to attach files to e-mails, and this to people who have been coming to the computer laboratory I operate for three or four years without fully grasping this intricate and complicated operation. While doing that, I quietly reminded myself to pick up a shotgun on my way home so I could blow my head off after dinner.

Tomorrow I go to have my first day after the holidays at my NR.3 job…

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