Tuesday, August 26, 2003

"I still say they won't make it to the parish line..."

I'm beginning to think I won't make it to X-mas. I've simply heard all the stories
- yes you want me to work with (read: for) you in your art-project, but you don't have so much money, and...
- yes I understand: you have to leave class early to go to the doctor, dentist, funeral, job interview, beach.
- Yes I will explain everything again now that you have decided to show up at 11.00 AM instead of 8.45
- yes you have some really wild ideas for an interactive website using java-scripting , live video feeds, and 3D, but you are not so technically minded and...
- No I don't mind working overtime because you dropped this disaster on my desk fifteen minutes before I could leave - I don't get paid extra anyway.

I won't make it to X-mas, not this year I'm afraid. But what am I to do? go back to cleaning? maybe working in a kindergarden again, the people there are usually nice. and the kids too. I simply can't make it to X-mas this time.

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