Friday, August 01, 2003

Sit down and relax Ahmad, it's over for today.
Sit on the bench in your cheap clothes and your cheap shoulder bag you bought at the gas station
Relax, from your low-end job that nobody else wanted
Sit down with your un cool overweight body and wait for the same public transport you work for.
Go home and shout at your considerably oppressed and overweight wife who doesn’t speak Danish so well (probably due to oppression and overweight)
She can still get a job cleaning up after people who do (despite the fact that her culture keeps her generally oppressed and overweight)
, Shout at the television, shout at your kids, pull their ears, damn the neighbours, damn the government, damn your entire family and the television. Repair the clogged toilet on Sundays and damn the janitor, and shout at your kids some more and make them laugh by squirting water on them.
Put you kids through school and give them a better life,
Not stupid immigrants like you but like the real Danes.
Zombies with money, money, money makes the world go round in a loop
Not like you, stupid, fat, ignorant, un cool and Human™
And when you die they will have to fly your body back to Pakistan, because we can’t have that sort of thing lying around in the ground

and the band played on (in their usual 1920’s style)

We need the spaaaaaaaaace
for chemical waaaaaaaaaste
It ads some taaaaaaaaaaaste
To the hellhole we build
(bam- bom)

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