Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Ethnic cleansing - Danish style.

I've suddenly realised the master-plan of the Danish government: It's ethnic cleansing, but with laws instead of guns.
It's like this: I Denmark we don't want a lot of niggers (#That's people who did not grow up on farms in Jutland or the Southern part of Zeeland) - because they smell and confuse the elderly people who have created the welfare state. The way to awoid niggers in Denmark(#that's people who are not named "Christian Christensen" or "Lars Larsen" and drive a tractor - or a cab) is to make life so unpleasant, troublesome and difficult for them that they will eventually decide (#if it's their own decision it's an act of free will and that proves we are a free society) to leave Denmark and go somewhere else - maybe to Sweden (Swedes are also not named "Christian Chistensen" or "Lars Larsen" and that means they are pretentious and snobbish and bad people too)

Software Art.

Interesting article and many cool links to software as Art: Wankers

Saturday, September 27, 2003

He went, down, down, down...

Shopping at Iso today, when I left, three - I do mean three- jumior employees of this company jumped on a junkie who had appearently stolen something.
They really got off from this unexspected break from the pleasures of being a junior employee at a supermarket on a Saturday - blasting lines like: "didn't I TELL you not to come back!" etc.
I remember this guy - he used to work for/ hang out with some of the biker-types at one of the tattoo-shops where I live, but now he´s a junkie stealing from supermarkets.
The way he kept saying "I understand, I understand" with these three tie-wearing go-getters lying on top of him telling it to him straight.

Nothing like kicking DEFENCELESS ass - all the more fun!

(I once threathened a junkie and really wanted to kick his ass because I got sick and tired of him hanging round the garbage cans, but this was at a time in my life where I was completely balanced emotionally and without any worries at all (...) - it must have been that guy's own fault!)
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At the Lennard Grahn´s Digital Beard™ library of digital images.

Monday, September 22, 2003

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Hall of fame.

I've never been a big fan of Danish "wunderkind" artist and composer Martin Hall.
But I remember hearing his first single "Avenues of Oblivion" many years ago on Danish radio and it's one of the most beautiful things I've heard (original copies of this single fetch a nice 100-150 € in today’s used record shops!)
One of the things that makes Hall interesting today is that he has always represented a sort of pure and slightly elitist "art-for-arts-sake" approach to art which puts him completely out of the increasingly irritating discussion in Denmark about whether you belong to the left-wing or not (and if you belong to the left-wing you deserve to be banned, blacklisted and deported, mainly for threatening to ban, blacklist and deport all those sweet struggling right-wing artist back in the seventies)

Wings - you could use a pair to fly away from this entire BS.
Sure, go right ahead!

I've received a book by the artist Claus Carstensen who is a former professor at the Royal Danish Academy of fine Arts (don't worry, they are given to a lot of employees so it's not because I'm being favoured now: I'm still a disgruntled worker and embittered artist). It's interesting reading and some of his observations on the art-world are really funny:

"You could see a big difference between the students coming to the Academy in the early nineties when compared to those coming to the school in the late nineties. Those from the early nineties had gone to elementary school BEFORE the Danish schools were reformed in the mid-seventies into a model I'm calling: "where do YOU think Bradford is..."

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

May the best man win (?)

Competition vs. Cooperation.

Competition is coming back in with the success of The New Right. To me Competition seems wasteful. The argument FOR competition is this: A group of people struggle to do their best by for instance preparing a proposal for a new building and in the end THE best proposal wins and is chosen. But what about the other ones? they are left unused, not because they are totally worthless pieces of work, but merely because they didn't make it to "the top". The way I see it this is an unnecessary waste. If you used cooperation instead you could combine the strengths of the various proposals and come up with a combined solution - which I believe would logically be a much better solution than just the contents of one proposal.
Only exception would be the work of a genius, but is a genius perhaps a person who has several personalities combined in one body and the ability to keep himself from going mad from this condition?

Who knows?, who cares?, who killed Cock Robin?
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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Button that collar!

Many young people are coming back to traditional values normally associated with their grandparents. Most of them value work-as-life, the family, national pride, and financial security highly and they are also increasingly embracing religion. They want strong values, and firmness.
Must be a product of super-slack hippie-parents - and this is really great for my own generation: First we have to stand in line all our lives AND take a lot of crap from their parents about how great they were, and then we have to grow old in a winner-takes-it-all society run by their obnoxious neo-liberal offspring!
"look mum and dad: I'm wearing a suit and driving a Porche, doesn't that REALLY piss you off? and yesterday I SACKED someone, and told the union representative there was nothing he could do about it - because I sacked him too! (don't worry it was just some old idiots from the eighties, you wouldn't have liked them either..)"
Don't give them any money, they'll just use it on drugs.

I went and had a talk with my bank the other day, because I needed money. As I sat there the very friendly advisor went through my assets:

Do you have a job?
Do you own a car?
Do you own your apartment?
Are you a member of a union?
Are you a member of an unemployment benefits fund?
Are you married?
Do you have children?
Do you save money for your retirement?

The next question could have been: Do you exist?

I'm a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad consumer...
(but I did get more money from the bank, and come December they'll get more of that nice fat interest they put on it - squandering makes the world go round!)

Monday, September 01, 2003

A meeting of minds.

A Clockwork Orange is my favourite movie of all time, and yesterday I realised a funny thing:
Alex - which is of course the name of the main character - is short for "Alexander" and his family name is "De Large" which might be another way of writing "The Great", likening him to Alexander the Great.
What spurred me on to this is the end scene at the hospital where the minister - who has been nameless up untill now- visits Alex and tells him that his name is Frederick, just like Frederick the Great, the famous Prusssian warrior king of the 18´th century.
This might be Kubricks way of telling us that the great men and women of history might be just as sadistic and insensitive as young Alex, and that's one of the reasons they stood out: No feelings in business.

Interesting reading: Voltaire and Frederick the Great