Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Button that collar!

Many young people are coming back to traditional values normally associated with their grandparents. Most of them value work-as-life, the family, national pride, and financial security highly and they are also increasingly embracing religion. They want strong values, and firmness.
Must be a product of super-slack hippie-parents - and this is really great for my own generation: First we have to stand in line all our lives AND take a lot of crap from their parents about how great they were, and then we have to grow old in a winner-takes-it-all society run by their obnoxious neo-liberal offspring!
"look mum and dad: I'm wearing a suit and driving a Porche, doesn't that REALLY piss you off? and yesterday I SACKED someone, and told the union representative there was nothing he could do about it - because I sacked him too! (don't worry it was just some old idiots from the eighties, you wouldn't have liked them either..)"

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