Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Ethnic cleansing - Danish style.

I've suddenly realised the master-plan of the Danish government: It's ethnic cleansing, but with laws instead of guns.
It's like this: I Denmark we don't want a lot of niggers (#That's people who did not grow up on farms in Jutland or the Southern part of Zeeland) - because they smell and confuse the elderly people who have created the welfare state. The way to awoid niggers in Denmark(#that's people who are not named "Christian Christensen" or "Lars Larsen" and drive a tractor - or a cab) is to make life so unpleasant, troublesome and difficult for them that they will eventually decide (#if it's their own decision it's an act of free will and that proves we are a free society) to leave Denmark and go somewhere else - maybe to Sweden (Swedes are also not named "Christian Chistensen" or "Lars Larsen" and that means they are pretentious and snobbish and bad people too)

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