Saturday, September 27, 2003

He went, down, down, down...

Shopping at Iso today, when I left, three - I do mean three- jumior employees of this company jumped on a junkie who had appearently stolen something.
They really got off from this unexspected break from the pleasures of being a junior employee at a supermarket on a Saturday - blasting lines like: "didn't I TELL you not to come back!" etc.
I remember this guy - he used to work for/ hang out with some of the biker-types at one of the tattoo-shops where I live, but now he´s a junkie stealing from supermarkets.
The way he kept saying "I understand, I understand" with these three tie-wearing go-getters lying on top of him telling it to him straight.

Nothing like kicking DEFENCELESS ass - all the more fun!

(I once threathened a junkie and really wanted to kick his ass because I got sick and tired of him hanging round the garbage cans, but this was at a time in my life where I was completely balanced emotionally and without any worries at all (...) - it must have been that guy's own fault!)

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