Wednesday, September 03, 2003

May the best man win (?)

Competition vs. Cooperation.

Competition is coming back in with the success of The New Right. To me Competition seems wasteful. The argument FOR competition is this: A group of people struggle to do their best by for instance preparing a proposal for a new building and in the end THE best proposal wins and is chosen. But what about the other ones? they are left unused, not because they are totally worthless pieces of work, but merely because they didn't make it to "the top". The way I see it this is an unnecessary waste. If you used cooperation instead you could combine the strengths of the various proposals and come up with a combined solution - which I believe would logically be a much better solution than just the contents of one proposal.
Only exception would be the work of a genius, but is a genius perhaps a person who has several personalities combined in one body and the ability to keep himself from going mad from this condition?

Who knows?, who cares?, who killed Cock Robin?
To blog is to live.

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