Monday, September 01, 2003

A meeting of minds.

A Clockwork Orange is my favourite movie of all time, and yesterday I realised a funny thing:
Alex - which is of course the name of the main character - is short for "Alexander" and his family name is "De Large" which might be another way of writing "The Great", likening him to Alexander the Great.
What spurred me on to this is the end scene at the hospital where the minister - who has been nameless up untill now- visits Alex and tells him that his name is Frederick, just like Frederick the Great, the famous Prusssian warrior king of the 18´th century.
This might be Kubricks way of telling us that the great men and women of history might be just as sadistic and insensitive as young Alex, and that's one of the reasons they stood out: No feelings in business.

Interesting reading: Voltaire and Frederick the Great

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