Tuesday, October 28, 2003

- and the core of the matter is this: NOT loosing temper, but not letting myself get fucked over either...
Difficult to master but not impossible, we will see.
Kill Bill...
Saw it yesterday with the ol´NSOP team Hans and Jens, a gory -and bloody- helping of many of Tarantino´s main courses: Sexy Rock-bitches, sexy 60´s Rock n´Roll, sexy weapons (swords this time instead of guns) and of course: The terror of evil men.
As usual it's hard to decide what Tarantino is trying to do besides demonstrating a love for all things Japanese and maybe saying something about the psychology of revenge.
Food for thought: In a crucial scene the heroine has a swordfight with the (female) head of a Yakuza: The bad girl is wearing white with swasticas woven into the fabric, our heroine is in yellow - a symbolic struggle between White Supremacy Christian Culture and Buddhism? or are swasticas just common in Japanese haute couture? or is this madness and I should switch to another dealer?

And even more "Bill" : Today is Bill Gates´ birthday

Monday, October 27, 2003

Looking for trash? looking for those hatefull attacks? looking for the nasty but funny outbursts?
- go and stick it in your pipe, Pedro!
I have nothing but love for the world and a song in my heart!

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Interesting reading: History of Rap with Kurtis Blow

(Rap artists were poor kids from poor neighbourhoods too! - Who could barely afford to buy trainers, let alone turntables! If it weren't for all those poor kids where would we be?)

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Building a parallel world.
They certainly are: De Espona 3d Models
...and me - I´m as dumb as the next guy: I thought all these weird art-girls were incredibly exiting and intrigueing, but ten years later they´ve all married lawers and doctors (steady income) or have found God or have moved back to Norway to become junior executives in their father´s business. I dreamt of meeting "Suzanne" from the Leonard Cohen song, or rock n´rollers with one foot in their graves, or "Kiki of Montmartre" instead I just met a lot of middle-class kids like myself who would go on to major in boredom from the university of Pose.
Bohemia is just another word for nothing left to abuse, all the watering holes are gone: Cheap apartments, cheap hookers, cheap drugs. And where exactly IS Bohemia™? maybe it's in London or Berlin or New York but these places have been cleaned up too.
Fundamentally I think the Scandinavian welfare system has a big problem: People live well but there is nothing to make art from: No drama, no contrasts, just a lot of well-fed children of all ages waiting for Christmas.
But who needs art anyway...I mean if you were on a sinking ship and there was only room for you and two more people in the lifeboat and you had to choose between a doctor, a policeman and an artist who would you choose? - the doctor is in, that goes without saying, but what about the policeman? he can defend you against enemies, he´s likely to be practical, he can handle stress and anxiety well, and he might even have a few good jokes about immigrants up his sleeve.
And the artist? you´ll most likely find him in a corner dodging work and complaining about his health after he ate all the food and stole your blanket.

Monday, October 20, 2003

Number of the polygons...

The cover for the latest CD by Iron Maiden seems to have been made with the extensive use of Poser - and look close and note the cute lil´ devil girl old Eddie is hanging out with...
I’m slowly becoming a conservative.
I think it's from being around artists for too long and seeing how fundamentally positive ideals of freedom, art and creativity are abused into a meaningless state where the smoothest hustler inevitably becomes the greatest artist. Art funding is merely a way for the lucky few to maintain a pleasant lifestyle while having their egos massaged by an equally meaningless troupe of cultural-workers who write for the magazines, review the exhibitions, manage the museums, throw the parties, buy the drinks, pass the drugs, rub the shoulders.
Bohemia might have started out as a rebellion against bourgeois society or a safe haven for misfits who were either too sensitive or innocent or brilliant to fit into the rat race but now it's the other way round and more like an "Amoebia" where only the lowest and most primitive life forms survive to glitter for a few months and then the audience goes back to Retro-Lunchboxes™, Japanese Wicker Baskets™, French House™, British Cooking™, American Justice™, German Medicine™ or whatever, or whoever, or whomever.
Working as a teacher doesn't help much either...most young people act like nobody ever told them to shut up and listen which means their behaviour is a strange mix of incompetence and lack of patience - if something can't be learned in twenty seconds, forget it! - time to call mom on the cell phone and have her clean it up - or better still: Have her tell the underpaid immigrant maid to do it.

Stop funding the arts - let them work for a living!
Students in schools, high schools, and universities are to keep quiert untill the end of terms! (if they need to go to the bathroom they must write a small note)
And crack down harder on crime - People who can't live by our laws can go to the electric chair and die by them!

I’ll vote for that, only problem is most conservatives support religion and I’m against that:

Stop funding religions - let them work for a living!

(and back to mono!)

Sunday, October 19, 2003

JT LeRoy is a rising star on the American scene of art and culture and the author of two bestselling autobiographical books Sarah and The Heart is Deceitfull Above All Things, these books deal with his personal problems relating to things like being dressed up as a girl by his mother when he was a child to be sold off for prostitution, and being beaten by his bible-belt (that´s what he liked to use too...) grandfather. Visit his website to read more, and he also has a blog
I feel love, on Sunday´s shoulder.

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Did you know?
- that the word "Hipster" has appeared twice during the last week on this blog? - but what exactly does "Hipster" mean? - learn for yourself : The Hipster Handbook

Scandinavian stars.
I’ve realised there are some great comedians on Swedish TV, like the two nerds from Hell Anders & Måns, and six months ago I was laughing my stained sweat pants off with Kvarteret Skatan about people living in a dreary housing project in a Swedish suburb.
The title itself is a joke on the classic social realist film by Swedish director Bo Widerberg Kvarteret Korpen -"kvarteret" means neighbourhood district and "korpen" is a raven and "skatan" a magpie.
The characters in this comedy series includes the young hipster couples who are constantly embarrassing each other at their own dinner parties (usually by displaying some quirky social inadequacy like spontaneously falling asleep at the table or telling jokes that painfully lack any traces of humour) There’s also the alcoholic woman who try to get lovers over the phone but always end up insulting them in a strong southern Swedish dialect, or the local looser couple who live in a trailer and can't decide if their love for each other - and what a mighty big love that is - is greater than the wife’s love for Jesus. For desserts there is the group of thirty-something women who try to revive their 1980´s high school dance act, or the city sophisticates who discuss the state of Sweden at the local café insisting that Thåström (big Swedish rock star from the 80´s) should be prime minister.

Most of these links are in Swedish, so what are you waiting for? Learn to speak Swedish

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

War as business.
Interesting reading about the good ole´days when the US used terrorist tactics to fight the Vietcong in Vietnam and endorsed methods from the business world to run the operation:
The Phoenix Program

We all love the good ole´days- both pro- and anti-war people, but this isn´t Saving Private Ryan or The Battle of Algiers, this is...

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Hipster Internet portal www.kopenhagen.dk have established themselves on Vesterbro by creating their own Art-Boutique - be prepared to find artwork matching either the colour of your favourite sushi boxes or the new skins for your Gameboy.
Art of Heart - presenting the overwhelming works of Eva Koch, Lisa Rosenmeier and Lone Hoyer - GO GIRLZ!

Monday, October 13, 2003

A brand new week starts today - anything can happen! meeting new people, taking up challenges, and weawing your part of that great and intricate tapestry called life...

Saturday, October 11, 2003

I´ve tried Gays, perversion and right-wing extremists but nothing seem to keep readers from returning to this weblog.
Fine, I will go on then...

Saw the 2003 Emmy Awards on TV - Debra Messing ("Will and Grace") won "Lead Acress in a comedy series" Go, Go, GO! (one of my favourite series)
Debra Messing alse delivered an unusually earnest and charming speech and generally there is nothing like seeing charming, talented and glamorous people glittering in front of the cameras, and really good for you if you´re trying to kick CRSPSS (Cultural Radical Scandinavian Protestant Stalinist Syndrome)

Friday, October 10, 2003

Three days ago I posted such a bitter and unfriendly comment I almost fell ashamed of myself (...) - to prove I haven´t lost my sense of humour I give you This link

(I try, and I try, and I try but I just can't seem get the last three readers of this weblog to stay away - what am I to do! , what does it take!)

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Two days ago I posted such a bitter and unfriendly comment I almost fell ashamed of myself (...) - to prove I haven´t lost my sense of humour I give you This link

(I try, and I try, and I try but I just can't seem get the last four readers of this weblog to stay away - what am I to do! , what does it take!)

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Yesterday I posted such a bitter and unfriendly comment I almost fell ashamed of myself (...) - to prove I haven´t lost my sense of humour I give you This link
I hope that guy realises I was only being nice because I needed his help, I hope he also realises there is absolutely no need for me to be nice when we accidentally meet on the street. As a beautifull and successfull woman I get this kind of male chauvenist attention from all kinds of idiots and I have long ago decided only to give it up if it's worth while. Surely he must understand that...

I do, I finally do understand...

- you suck
(and you´re not that talented OR good looking)

Sunday, October 05, 2003

You know, I waste most of MY time surviving.

As this fine Sunday ends I realise that what I want, what I´ve always wanted, all that I´ll ever BE wanting is to sit in an old Berlin or Parisian café in late October - carrying on my person only very little money - and gaze into the eyes of my love and wanting that moment to never end. Ever.

I should stop listening to old records.