Monday, October 20, 2003

I’m slowly becoming a conservative.
I think it's from being around artists for too long and seeing how fundamentally positive ideals of freedom, art and creativity are abused into a meaningless state where the smoothest hustler inevitably becomes the greatest artist. Art funding is merely a way for the lucky few to maintain a pleasant lifestyle while having their egos massaged by an equally meaningless troupe of cultural-workers who write for the magazines, review the exhibitions, manage the museums, throw the parties, buy the drinks, pass the drugs, rub the shoulders.
Bohemia might have started out as a rebellion against bourgeois society or a safe haven for misfits who were either too sensitive or innocent or brilliant to fit into the rat race but now it's the other way round and more like an "Amoebia" where only the lowest and most primitive life forms survive to glitter for a few months and then the audience goes back to Retro-Lunchboxes™, Japanese Wicker Baskets™, French House™, British Cooking™, American Justice™, German Medicine™ or whatever, or whoever, or whomever.
Working as a teacher doesn't help much either...most young people act like nobody ever told them to shut up and listen which means their behaviour is a strange mix of incompetence and lack of patience - if something can't be learned in twenty seconds, forget it! - time to call mom on the cell phone and have her clean it up - or better still: Have her tell the underpaid immigrant maid to do it.

Stop funding the arts - let them work for a living!
Students in schools, high schools, and universities are to keep quiert untill the end of terms! (if they need to go to the bathroom they must write a small note)
And crack down harder on crime - People who can't live by our laws can go to the electric chair and die by them!

I’ll vote for that, only problem is most conservatives support religion and I’m against that:

Stop funding religions - let them work for a living!

(and back to mono!)

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