Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Kill Bill...
Saw it yesterday with the ol´NSOP team Hans and Jens, a gory -and bloody- helping of many of Tarantino´s main courses: Sexy Rock-bitches, sexy 60´s Rock n´Roll, sexy weapons (swords this time instead of guns) and of course: The terror of evil men.
As usual it's hard to decide what Tarantino is trying to do besides demonstrating a love for all things Japanese and maybe saying something about the psychology of revenge.
Food for thought: In a crucial scene the heroine has a swordfight with the (female) head of a Yakuza: The bad girl is wearing white with swasticas woven into the fabric, our heroine is in yellow - a symbolic struggle between White Supremacy Christian Culture and Buddhism? or are swasticas just common in Japanese haute couture? or is this madness and I should switch to another dealer?

And even more "Bill" : Today is Bill Gates´ birthday

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