Saturday, October 18, 2003

Scandinavian stars.
I’ve realised there are some great comedians on Swedish TV, like the two nerds from Hell Anders & Måns, and six months ago I was laughing my stained sweat pants off with Kvarteret Skatan about people living in a dreary housing project in a Swedish suburb.
The title itself is a joke on the classic social realist film by Swedish director Bo Widerberg Kvarteret Korpen -"kvarteret" means neighbourhood district and "korpen" is a raven and "skatan" a magpie.
The characters in this comedy series includes the young hipster couples who are constantly embarrassing each other at their own dinner parties (usually by displaying some quirky social inadequacy like spontaneously falling asleep at the table or telling jokes that painfully lack any traces of humour) There’s also the alcoholic woman who try to get lovers over the phone but always end up insulting them in a strong southern Swedish dialect, or the local looser couple who live in a trailer and can't decide if their love for each other - and what a mighty big love that is - is greater than the wife’s love for Jesus. For desserts there is the group of thirty-something women who try to revive their 1980´s high school dance act, or the city sophisticates who discuss the state of Sweden at the local café insisting that Thåström (big Swedish rock star from the 80´s) should be prime minister.

Most of these links are in Swedish, so what are you waiting for? Learn to speak Swedish

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