Sunday, November 30, 2003

Life at the party.

Friday I actually did some VJ´ing to celebrate Morten who turned forty (he´s the other half of that crusty team of multimedia-artists Flottenheimer) and Saturday I went with b9 to a Distortion party at Luftkastellet.
It was fun, fun, fun - the people at Morten´s party are always fun to be with, but a really big hand goes to ClauS for the inspired revival of that ™ of the truly cheesy DJ : Making announcements over the mic... - hilarious!
The Distortion party had a polka band from Greenland playing (!) and the Danish Music Award Winners from Ingen Frygt had created a zany video and special party hats in the style of The Smurfs (...)

Well, as they say: "All work and no play" and remember what happened to Jack Nicholson!

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Well said. (but in Danish only)

Artist Ulrik Crone talks about art, the 80´s, his recent paintings, and the new Danish government.

(turns out that what I´m getting from blogging he used to get from making cartoons : Instant and direct communication with the public - the ten people a day reading this blog is not exactly "the public" I hear you say? - try showing at an independent gallery, you´d be happy to have ten visitors a week!)

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Picture pretty.
Picture posting on this blog is no problem I found out, so let´s celebrate with these nice private "shots" (giggle) of some Danes who volunteered to join their brothers-in-arms and fight in foreign lands against a threath to our culture and democracy.
(I bet that skull belonged to some nasty commie commissar who had the audasity to shoot at the invading liberators)

And on an unrelated note: Danish TV-series Nikolai and Julie won an Emmy last night.

It´s in the sauce.

Well - I´ve decided upon a more conservative look for this blog.
It hurts your eyes to look at subtle purples and flaming pinks in the long run - and this blog is ALL about reading!
(my new template for posts - yummie!)

Monday, November 24, 2003

To those of you who are not blind and disabled and in a nursing home and has this blog read to you by a nurse : There has been a change in the layout:
The comments function is gone
- why? - Because I don´t like people who talk back!
The colours have changed
-why? - Because I did switch to another dealer...
It´s not tha same old Don´t ask me...
-why? - It´s all part of a new media strategy aimed at generating up to 25.000 visitors per fiscal year.

Don´t Ask Me I only Work Here
- Puts the dog back into dog breath...

Sunday, November 23, 2003

At the dawn of time.
And come yuletide he would return once more to the almost mythological world of his childhood by visiting his ageing parents for Christmas. He would take long walks and visit his old school where he had learned the facts of life in the form of the other kids. And learned time and time again that no kid is an island. Unfortunately.
He would pass by the football grounds where he failed to become a great sportsman - grandpa had been one - And by doing so he forever forfeited his chances of becoming a part of the proto-fascist world of team sport camaraderie. Oh.
Briefly he would cast a look at the building where he went to his first disco and heard "it’s my party (and I cry if I want to)" - the 80´s version featuring Barbara Gaskin. A big sound. And artificial too.
Later he would stroll by some of the houses of his old class-mates and wonder if they were in there, perhaps also "home" for Christmas and maybe they would accidentally meet and talk about old times .He thought. But the streets were always empty and if anyone he had ever known were inside one of those houses they stayed inside.
After about an hour of his hopeless attempts at entering a time warp he would return to his parent’s house and slide into the drowsy comfort of a fully televised Christmas.
As he later fought hard to fall asleep in his old room he would ask himself if it was in fact the black spaces between the cold white stars of the December sky that had somehow sucked the force of life out of him a thousand years ago. At the dawn of time.
As always he returned to the city replenished and with new hope.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Early, middle, and final years of struggle.

In fiction we are often told the ancient story of a struggle between good and evil.
In reality the struggle we find in our lives is not between the opposites of good and evil, but between strong and weak. The strong weed out the weak in order to secure the survival of the species and the weak struggle to overcome the strong - and if they succeed they have themselves become the strong.

Lennard Grahn: Fit for Fascism

- or have I been watching those documentaries about the African wildlife too much?

The Culture Kit®

Included in this box is:

-A creation myth,
-An historical vision,
-A belief system,
-And a moral landscape.

All you need to get started!

#Buy before December 1´st and get a FREE copy of the War-Pack™!

Let a thousand flowers blossom

Interesting pictures of public humiliation of "old way thinkers" during the Cultural Revolution in China (click on "smash the Old World!")
Nice and tolerant ideology with a deep respect for human beings - you´d have to be religious to do better.

Monday, November 17, 2003´ve spend a lot of time in schools, or places of education - but you are not very well qualified for the job-market - why is that?

That´s where they kept people where I grew up - you see; No wars or famines around.

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Young against old
Man against woman
Rich against poor
North against South
East against West

The world of division, the world of intolerance, the world without unity, the world of conflict.
The world at the end of the world.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Main course: Nice-lettes in sweet sauce.

I’ve been doing a course in basic use of computers all week, and this time it was a very nice experience! Nice students, and a nice atmosphere.
Reasons to be cheerful:
Part one: My co-worker (Jeanette) took care of all the people not attending the course - meaning I could concentrate on the course and avoid stress.
Part two: It started each day just talking and showing off at the computer - make sure you get your stage-time.
Part three: Fresh remarks would buy the obnoxious student time in front of the computer: If you’re so clever - have a go at things yourself!
Part four: Only girls on the team, no time wasted measuring the length of rods or size of ego’s - open minded people!
Part four: Before the course started I had spent precious time preparing a thirty-page manual the students could read if they got bored or missed something - keep em´busy!

Now I will go home and gleam with satisfaction.

Monday, November 10, 2003 like it´s 999
Today this weblog received it´s 999´th visitor
- meaning that YOU who are reading this right now could be that magic 1000´th visitor...

(sorry, you´re not going to win a cruise in the Caribean, a car, a night out with/sex with Britney, or whatever - but thanks for playing...)

Friday, November 07, 2003

I have a rendezvous with destiny.

I have a rendezvous with destiny
Scheduled for tea with God himself
I´m signing up for special duty
-Save me some parking space in hell
I have no time to care for lovers
I have no time to care for life
I have no time for idle chit-chat
Just walk away and wish me well

I have a rendezvous with Angels
They sing a song- I play the harp
We´re having trouble with the neighbours
They don´t like singing, they don´t like art

I walk alone on empty roads
I sit and watch the stars at night
I have a rendezvouz with destiny

Don´t pity me - I´m quite allright.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Friday, I´m in love.
- Or at least incredibly relieved, because at 14:05 hours I can (finally) go home and relax, no stupid questions and annoying 1970´s-private-school-casualties for the next two and a half days!
The rest of the day is spent relaxing in front of the TV or maybe the computer. This day has nothing more to offer.
Saturday: I spend most of the day just doing nothing (I come from the eighties: Doing nothing is not lazyness - it is a chosen state of being) Eventually I go to the supermarket around two or three PM only to be reassured that the world has ended and I´m living in a post-nuclear dystopia inhabited by aliens. In the evening I sometimes enjoy a long walk outdoors - the world is so pleasant without a lot of annoying people around, and you will find few people outdoors on a Saturday night during winter.
Sunday is the perfect day for doing a bit of creative work just to keep up the illusion that I’m still an artist at heart and not an burned out has-been pushing forty. And sometimes I do the cleaning too.
Then comes: MONDAY! the day of returning to the cold bitch-slapping hand of society and start earning a living again!
Still... in the evening the artistic escapades of Sunday are not forgotten and I can still drift away and forget about the upcoming:
TUESDAY! - Truly a day of horror, the weekend feels further away than ever and the working week is not even half way over! A perfect day to sit in your best chair and dream of Paris in the thirties.
Wednesday: I’m cool, I’m collected, and I’m good at my job. Fuck those stupid artists, let’s do business. BusinessMan™
Thursday: Time to prepare for the next day´s teaching - and the students of today expect results! even if they don´t show up or listen or read the photo-copies I keep handing them to compensate for the things they missed because they don´t show up or listen.
I’m done! burned out! a mental case! I can’t take it any more! I must have a vacation NOW! I must get out of here!

Friday, I’m in love.

Nothing like starting your day with a hot cup of coffee and that light and tasty web-snack NSOP
- Today it has a link to a beautiful trailer for Innocense the upcoming sequel to classic manga masterpeice Ghost in The shell - Looking good!

Monday, November 03, 2003

A Google image-search with the word "Mary"
A Google image-search with the word "John"
The computers don´t work, the subways don´t work, the system don´t work, the world don´t work, some people can´t get work, some people can´t get TO work, , some people can´t work it OUT.

But I work.
work just fine.