Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Friday, I´m in love.
- Or at least incredibly relieved, because at 14:05 hours I can (finally) go home and relax, no stupid questions and annoying 1970´s-private-school-casualties for the next two and a half days!
The rest of the day is spent relaxing in front of the TV or maybe the computer. This day has nothing more to offer.
Saturday: I spend most of the day just doing nothing (I come from the eighties: Doing nothing is not lazyness - it is a chosen state of being) Eventually I go to the supermarket around two or three PM only to be reassured that the world has ended and I´m living in a post-nuclear dystopia inhabited by aliens. In the evening I sometimes enjoy a long walk outdoors - the world is so pleasant without a lot of annoying people around, and you will find few people outdoors on a Saturday night during winter.
Sunday is the perfect day for doing a bit of creative work just to keep up the illusion that I’m still an artist at heart and not an burned out has-been pushing forty. And sometimes I do the cleaning too.
Then comes: MONDAY! the day of returning to the cold bitch-slapping hand of society and start earning a living again!
Still... in the evening the artistic escapades of Sunday are not forgotten and I can still drift away and forget about the upcoming:
TUESDAY! - Truly a day of horror, the weekend feels further away than ever and the working week is not even half way over! A perfect day to sit in your best chair and dream of Paris in the thirties.
Wednesday: I’m cool, I’m collected, and I’m good at my job. Fuck those stupid artists, let’s do business. BusinessMan™
Thursday: Time to prepare for the next day´s teaching - and the students of today expect results! even if they don´t show up or listen or read the photo-copies I keep handing them to compensate for the things they missed because they don´t show up or listen.
I’m done! burned out! a mental case! I can’t take it any more! I must have a vacation NOW! I must get out of here!

Friday, I’m in love.

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