Sunday, November 30, 2003

Life at the party.

Friday I actually did some VJ´ing to celebrate Morten who turned forty (he´s the other half of that crusty team of multimedia-artists Flottenheimer) and Saturday I went with b9 to a Distortion party at Luftkastellet.
It was fun, fun, fun - the people at Morten´s party are always fun to be with, but a really big hand goes to ClauS for the inspired revival of that ™ of the truly cheesy DJ : Making announcements over the mic... - hilarious!
The Distortion party had a polka band from Greenland playing (!) and the Danish Music Award Winners from Ingen Frygt had created a zany video and special party hats in the style of The Smurfs (...)

Well, as they say: "All work and no play" and remember what happened to Jack Nicholson!

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