Thursday, November 13, 2003

Main course: Nice-lettes in sweet sauce.

I’ve been doing a course in basic use of computers all week, and this time it was a very nice experience! Nice students, and a nice atmosphere.
Reasons to be cheerful:
Part one: My co-worker (Jeanette) took care of all the people not attending the course - meaning I could concentrate on the course and avoid stress.
Part two: It started each day just talking and showing off at the computer - make sure you get your stage-time.
Part three: Fresh remarks would buy the obnoxious student time in front of the computer: If you’re so clever - have a go at things yourself!
Part four: Only girls on the team, no time wasted measuring the length of rods or size of ego’s - open minded people!
Part four: Before the course started I had spent precious time preparing a thirty-page manual the students could read if they got bored or missed something - keep em´busy!

Now I will go home and gleam with satisfaction.

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