Monday, December 15, 2003

Aviation 100 years
This blog will of course take part in the general celebration of 100 years of powered flight. As always we cater to the nerdy who also have a touch of a childish and politically un-correct fascination for The Third Reich.
Ignored in some of the programmes shown on TV about the anniversary (remember: The Krauts didn´t go to Iraq...) the German-made Messerschmith Me 262 was the worlds first operational jet fighter and marked the true beginning of the jet age as this was an aerolane in daily use from the Autumn of 1944 - mainly against allied bomber formations - and not an experimental plane or testbed.
A group of American airplane enthusiasts have spent the last 4-5 years building a replica Me 262 from scratch, with the aim to make it airborne! And about a year ago they actually succeeded:

The Legend flies Again

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