Saturday, December 27, 2003

"Toto, something tells me we ain´t in Kansas no more..."
Didn´t have the time to wish the readers of this blog a merry etc, but here it is etc.
A usual Christmas presented an abundance of unhealthy, but tasty, food as well as pompous television performances by the most worn out has beens of the pop circuit - And a few pleasant surprises:
The Wizard of Oz - I´ve never seen this 1939 classic in full and not only did it catapult Judy Garland into her troublesome stardom but it also contains a wealth of hidden meaning:
At one point the scarecrow says "And some people do an awfull lot of talking without using their head at all..." it´s 1939 folks, do we know of a big mouth back in those days?...
Dorothy and her three palls set out to reach "The Emerald City" where the great wizard of Oz lives, but The Wicked Witch of the West (...) creates a huge field of poppies outside the city and the poppies send them to sleep so they can´t reach the city - we all know what comes out of certain poppies that sends people to sleep so they can´t reach their dreams, don´t we?
Second nice surprise was seeing Gladiator for the third time. I suppose much can be said - especially here in the worlds best wellfare state and the home of the famous film director Lars VW-Van-to-Nepal- Trier about the strenght and honour morale of the film and its level of historical correctnes, but the opening scene with Maximus´walking through a field of crops with his hand gently caressing the wheat strands is a favourite film moment.

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