Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Bombs away, birthday boy.
Today is my 38'th birthday (there, todays posting is taken care of!)
well, what to say about it? thirty-eight years... - That means I've got thirty years left in the claws of the opressive fascist capitalist regime (=I have to go to a job every day)
Hmm, no kids, no wife, no career, but a good apartment, a nice bicycle and plenty of debt. There were times when I wanted to leap out of the window, there were times when I had it all and blew it, there were times when....well no point in going on about it, I'm off to Other men who can't seem to grow up but who know how to have a good time while being creative and tonight I'll finish setting up the Powermac G4 I bought second hand last weekend!

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