Thursday, January 15, 2004

A day in the life.

Heinrich Mueller (Gestapo Mueller)

Heinrich Mueller was the head of the infamous Gestapo 1935-45. Gestapo meant GEheimes STAats POlizei - "Secret State Police" and was roughly the Third Reich Equivalent of the KGB or the CIA. Gestapo investigated, jailed, tortured - and often eliminated - political enemies of The Third Reich. During WW II all countries occupied by Nazi forces would have several branches of the Gestapo working at infiltrating and destroying the local resistance.
Heinrich Mueller was born into a poor Catholic family in Bavaria in 1901. He fought in WW I and after the war worked for the Bavarian police tracking down and informing about local Communists.
When he later was appointed head of the Gestapo by Reinhardt Heydrich (head of the Reichs Sicherheits Hauptamt - The police above all other police in The Third Reich) he became one of the most high-ranking members of the SS and one of only fifteen people who, along with Eichmann and Heydrich, attended the Wannsee-conference in 1942 where the elimination of all European Jews was planned.
When The Third Reich reached its end in 1945 Mueller mysteriously disappeared and has not been seen or heard of since. As one of the top-level employees of the Nazi-state and responsible for the jailing, torture and death of thousands of people he was of course much sought after by the War Crimes Commission and since his disappearance several rumours have existed about his fate.

1) He visited Hitler in the Fuehrer-bunker in Berlin two days before Hitler committed suicide and possibly died leaving Berlin just like Martin Bormann, another top-Nazi last seen in Berlin and believed to have survived the war until a DNA-analysis of excavated bone fragments proved he had died in the fighting.

2) He committed suicide in April 1945, realising that the end had come and he would probably be sentenced to hang for his activities.

3) He was captured by the Russians and put to work by the KGB organising national security in Czechoslovakia.

4) He was captured by the Americans and put to work by the CIA who wanted expert knowledge on how to fight Communism.

A sensational book claiming he lived in Washington from 1948-52 is reviewed (claiming it’s all a fraud) Here, and an analysis of recently declassified documents from the CIA themselves can be read Here.

Old Nazi junk? Who really cares? - Well, it’s one posting PER DAY here at Don’t Ask Me..!

(BTW: The review of the book is from “The Journal of Historical Review” who are themselves active in claiming the Holocaust was a fraud created by the Allies after the war…)

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