Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Heroic Huns™.
Old readers from back in the NSOP days might remember "Männer im Uniform" my series of postings celebrating men smartly clad in uniforms and performing outdoor activities. I will now launch a new series called Heroic Huns™ focusing on the exploits of individuals in the German Armed forces 1939-45.
(Männer im uniform did exactly the same thing but we all need a change now and then, right?)

A good starting point is stealing from somebody else, so enjoy this cool link to The Tank destruction Badge.
These were awarded for the destruction of an enemy tank with a hand-held weapon. This usually ment: The Panzerfaust. As these weapons had a range between 30 to 100 meters it took a lot of courage to wait for a tank to get that close. Apart from that, Panzerfausts were massproduced mainly by a lamp firm and sometimes they exploded in peoples hands when fired. It was also the worlds first one-man (or woman) anti-tank weapon and later prototypes produced in 1945 formed the basis for the Russian RPG-2 and RPG-7, so often seen in the hands of Third World guerillas like this Taliban

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