Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Planning ahead
All is quiet on the blogfront you say? Has he finally joined that pro-creation cult in the Andes? Did a SWAT-team pump him full of lead when he tried to escape the cruel injustice of the fascist state apparatus?
NO! NO! NO! - I have of course been busy making plans for 2004:

1)"Ya gotta have wheels..."
In 2002-3 I flunked getting a drivers license THREE times - This year I will burn rubber or...try again next year.

2)"Everybody says: I’ve seen that on TV..."
I also want to watch Eric Kamen play a white piano on VH1! As a concerned citizen it is my duty to watch assorted wars on CNN! Why can’t I enjoy endless reruns of surplus 1950´s Hollywood dribble on TCM? Why am I denied access to game shows from Germany run by people named Zansi or Herbert? Why can’t I order (directly, and only on TV) the Tannerizer™, the Hipporizer™, the Buttster™ or the CrackBulger-II™?
In short: I’m upgrading to the FULL cable-TV-package-facillity-installment-solution!

3) If they DO decide to close down Christiania I will immigrate to that land of freedom where a man can still walk tall, marry his childhood sweetheart and have a dream to believe in: Sweden.

4) I should consider getting the bike fixed; front wheel is getting a bit wobbly.

5) No more sex with rodents - You gotta live and let live...

6) Remind myself to ALLWAYS keep the headlights turned off and the shotgun sawed off.

7) That’s about it, I guess...see you next year.

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