Friday, January 23, 2004

Rolling, rolling, rolling.
I saw Bowling For Columbine last night and it comes highly recommended. Of course it’s full of highlights like when Michael Moore walk off with the free gun he got at a local bank for opening a new account, or when he later casually buys ammunition at the local barbershop. Then comes the million $ question: A country like Great Britain has 68 killings every year from guns, a country like Germany has around 400 - America has: 11.125...Is it all down to gun control? Nay says Mr. Moore; because a country like Canada has 10 million families, and 7 million privately owned guns, and still their annual kill-ratio is only in the hundreds.
What is it then that makes Americans go out and shoot each other? - Violent Rock and Rap music?
Nay, says the king-of-rock´n-roll-your-parents-hate: Marilyn Manson, who also comes up with one of the best explanations for the carnage: In America you are constantly kept in a state of fear by TV commercials telling you that you are wrong, ugly, without sex appeal, etc. and the only way to relieve that fear is to BUY PRODUCTS! Running around in a state of paranoia all the time is a good reason for keeping plenty of firearms at home, and the bottom line in the film is that most of the blame for this goes to the American TV news which keep pounding its viewers with the fear of being mugged, raped, or the victims of a home invasion by hordes of black or Hispanic gangsters. With that kind of subhuman lunatics waiting to destroy your Family© you are considered irresponsible if you don't keep a flamethrower right next to the nursery.
On it goes with more stories about how the rich in America make money. It´s not by being inventive or enterprising, but simply by finding new ways of exploiting other Americans who are simply too poor to do anything about it, they are merely fodder for commercialism. When they run out of poor Americans, they go overseas.
Generally the film is a great example of a marriage of art and political activism, like in an ending scene where Moore shows up at the local K-Mart with two teenagers who survived the shooting at Columbine High. One is disabled and in a wheel chair, and both of them still have bullets in their bodies, bullets the shooters bought in the sports department at K-Mart. Miraculously the outcome - After the usual run of executives saying they will look into it, etc, etc - Is that K-Mart announces they will stop selling ammunition within 90 days.

After seeing a film like that you are glad to live in peaceful Denmark where the media did not create a false impression of hordes of immigrants coming here to take away The Welfare State™ and thus paved the way for the racism of The Danish Peoples Party.

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