Saturday, January 17, 2004

You´re not getting MY vote.
When not fullfilling my duties as part of D.W.C.C.W.S (The Danish Working Community for the Continuation Of The Welfare State) I spend most of my time recovering from those duties.
In my case that´s mostly divided between three things:

Smoking joints
Watching pornography
Reading books about Nazi-Germany

and sometimes I do the shopping...

The interesting thing here is not the sociological and psychological implementations of a thirty-something failed artist and academic who retreats from reality to dwell in a Never-land of pre-adolescent imagery and nob rubbing - No, the interesting part is that this behaviour places me in a funny situation politically :

-The Right wing thinks I’m a bad person because I’m using an illegal drug.
-The Left wing thinks I’m a bad person because I participate in the exploitation of women.
-They both think I’m a bad person because I have unsavoury interests in a politically un-correct subject.

Do I need politicians who are not working for but against my interests?

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