Saturday, February 14, 2004

To "Spring" - That's when you break out of jail, right?
Birds singing outside my window (after the city renewal I simply don't know where they find trees to sit in...)
This can only mean one thing:
The cold comfort of cosy winter in reaching its end and Spring™ is coming....

-No more hiding away the surplus fat in thick overcoats.
-No more legitimate ways for staying indoors and avoiding the company of my fellow men/ women/ barking dogs/ junkies/ alcoholics/ racists/ etc.
-No more snow.. The only bearable weather for Ambient Man©
-No more excuses for spending all your time in front of the screen ("what else would you want me to do? It’s freezing cold outside!")
-No more days gently wrapped in soothing grey.

Instead I’ll get:

-Glaring surfaces and bright sunlight hurting my sensitive eyes.
-Armadas of beer and cannabis-crazed Danes going nuts in the streets over the arrival of warmth and light - It's a Nordic thing...
-Gallons of gooey sweat spurting from the pores of my skin because of the extra pounds overheating my body.
-An utterly confusing collection of strange holidays which only mean one thing to the self-employed: No income on that day...

Well, it's not all that bad.



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