Wednesday, March 03, 2004

He talked angry but he looked scared.
A bit actually, but to me it looked like that traffic light was clearly GREEN, so I just started walking...
The guy driving the Astrovan thought otherwise, and damn near drove into me.
Maybe the light really was RED because he did shout an awfull lot of nasty things after me as drove around the corner. I got a glimse: Dark skinned, aggressive driving style. Spoke perfect Danish, for sure...
Confident that the light had actually been GREEN, I gave him the finger.
Then I went into the Supermarket.
Twenty seconds later the driver (about five inches taller than me) is standing three inches from my face asking me (loudly) what the F.... I think I'm doing giving him "that"! etc.
I explain I was absolutely sure the light was GREEN. He claims I didn't even know where I was going and adds a few more unfriendly remarks. Then he leaves the supermarket.
Shaken, but mainly confused, I go on with my shopping but has to give up on most of it because I can't concentrate.
When I asked if he could stop pointing his two fingers so close to my face he "slapped" me with them (very lightly, I barely noticed it) As he left the supermaked he told me to watch out.

Whatever you say.

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