Monday, March 08, 2004

I've got you, babe.
Visited my parents this Sunday. I found an old video-tape from 1985. My dad bought a Camcorder back then, which I borrowed most of the time. It's strange seeing yourself from almost twenty years back - I'm thin! and fashion in the mid-eighties really WAS awfull!
I finished highschool in 85' and went to work in a hospital, cleaning (that's on the tape too, what was I thinking?) Generally I was doing little else than going to my job at the hospital and relaxing in my spare time. I had one hour of transport in each direction, I lived with my parents out in the country and the hospital was in central Copenhagen. Around 86' I started meeting new people and I would move to Copenhagen with them in 88'
The period documented on the tape was before that, and at this time I lived in a bit of a void having only one real friend, Claus - He's on the tape too. Seems like I had a friend in the camcorder. A lot of the footage is of myself, I'm probably trying to get an idea of what I look like and how I appear. And then there's nature. Lots of that. The best part, I guess is one sequence where I'm riding my bicycle through the small town I lived in with the camera on the handlebars. It's a bumpy ride, and quite funny in a way.
Strange kid.

But, lets have a look at one of the great masters of the video diary as an art form: Sadie Benning

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