Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Yes, I was an 1980's New Romantic, but today I'm fine.
From looking at the video tape I mentioned yesterday I was at the time (1985) a New Romantic. This came after 1982-3 (spotty nerd meets the other kids) 1984 (Punk - what else?) and before my 1986-89 period as a post-punk cum artiste (black clothes, white noise, brown shoes - yes, I got it wrong again)

How to define a New Romantic? - For me it meant listening to Duran Duran and The Eurythmics, and spending a lot of money on designer sweatshirts when I wasn't busy rubbing my Levi's with sandpaper (to get that rugged wash and wear look...) I guess my version of New Romanticism was a custom made: All-my-friends-are-windsurfers-and-I-want-to-look-like-that-too.
All my friends were windsurfers (remember: I only had one friend, Claus, and him and his little brother, Karl-Erik, were absolute masters on the board)

Only one friend?, you say - weell, not quite true: I also participated in that great 80's thing
Interrail and this was with my OTHER friend, Anders, but that's another story...

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