Tuesday, April 13, 2004

The Enlighted One™®
Seems like most religions originate from pretty much the same experience:
Guy lives ordinary life for many years.
Guy get's fed up for some reason and wanders off into the desert, jungle or similar, "to be alone"...
After a long period of isolation, guy returns to civilization, now the bearer of fantastic news!
In his solitude he was approached by God! who spoke directly to him and revealed the secrets of a new religion!
Guy declares himself a prophet of the one-and-only true God and goes off to spread the news to all humanity.
Guy pays special attention to include in the religious texts that women are inferior, unclean and generally shoudn't be trusted.

This sort of thing happens in more primitive cultures too, amongst the Escimoes, Aboriginals etc. In these cultures the general opinion is that a guy who goes into the wilderness all alone gets pretty weird after a few weeks. If you should meet a guy like that it is best to stay away from him and pay no attention to his insane rantings as they are simply the product of too much loneliness.

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