Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Be all you can be.
I supported the war with Iraq. When Baghdad fell after a few weeks, I felt the intoxication of being on the winning team. I had severed myself from old school socialist thought. The social democracies of the west might have turned out all right, but hadn't we all somehow supported the Eastern bloc and their communist dictatorships by continuously criticizing our own government every time it had to make unpleasant, but necessary, decisions? Terrible to think off now that every day brought out new facts about the horrors of these totalitarian states and the nightmare of living in them.
No more of that! I thought, and what better way to test my new outlook on life than to join the fight for freedom and democracy?
Because that's what the war was about: Getting rid of one of the last dictators on Earth, getting rid of another corrupt, incompetent, sadistic psychopath, and bringing freedom and democracy to a people desperately longing for these values.
And for the more cynical/ realistic there was the other major reason to attack Saddam: The Weapons of Mass Destruction...
Yep, he had them, and plenty of them stored in secret places and ready to be used any time that madman gave the order.
It had to be done. The Allies mounted their chariots of war and set off to do justice, just like we'd seen them in Band of Brothers take on Hitler to put an end to his evil dictatorship.
And it worked, and afterwards they stood guard around western Europe and saved us from those terrible rapin' and lootin' Ruskis.
And we did it again- we won! We saw the cheering Iraqi's tear down statues of Saddam, we laughed at his idiotic minister claiming the war could never be won, we were proud of setting the record straight with the Kurds, whom the West had abandoned after the first Gulf War.
We were the good guys, we were he liberators, we were the saviours.

We were wrong.
Because the war with Iraq is just the latest extension of The New Corporate Way™
George W. Bush presents himself as a national leader fighting on behalf of a people - The Americans, and a cultural, historical and economic union- The West.
In fact he is a corporate leader fighting on behalf of an international group of corporate interests.
His soldiers are professionals paid to do the job of soldiering, jailing, catering, supplying, and all the other things required to keep an army in the field. The treatment experienced by captured Iraqi's is what happens in hundreds of jails all over the world. Who cares about the dregs of society " should have stayed in high school, kiddo..."
The War Workers of today don't fight for ideas, ideologies or national sovereignty- they fight for the boss. They risk their lives, but so does a fireman or policeman. If you make sure there are plenty of poor people in the world you can rely on that joining the Army will be one of the best offers around for steady food, payment and a place to sleep.
To die in a far away country is not that much worse than self-destructing in an urban ghetto, and as Julius Caesar discovered centuries ago starving just makes the men more mean and bloodthirsty.
The Army officers, chiefs of Police and jailwardens of the west can upgrade on their experiences with controlling people by spending a couple of months in a real life environment far away from snooping reporters and politicians of the opposition.
Be a leader of men, be a hero, join the party! Do a few months in the Gulf and you have a bright future in ©orporate World ... you´re hired! - we need guys who can make tough decisions and who aren't afraid to spill someone else's blood.
Pox Americana is here, I wonder if my insurance covers that?

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