Friday, June 18, 2004

(Don't talk to me about) Work.
Any reader of this blog will know about my ambivalence towards my (three) places of employment. Maybe it's just the complexity of dealing with three places instead of just one that creates this tension. Yesterday I was sacked from one of the places, or in fact what really happened was that I was not re-employed but informed I was not needed for the next semester. Government budget cuts on education is the real reason for this, so I shook hands with the head of department and was on my way. Actually the last group of students I was with were some of the nicest I've met during the three and a half years I was there. Maybe this was some sort of karmic circle or whatever, who knows, but it's always nice to end things in an agreeable way.
After that I went to an end-of-term party at my nr. 2 Job to discover the students really appreciated my efforts during the last nine months.
So what do we have here? - I'm about to get all misty eyed over that? I must now break down and cry out "The kids are all right!"
No such thing! I'll find other things to complain about!

And hopefully a new job...

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