Tuesday, June 08, 2004

A touch of Class.
Funny how most of the people you meet in the art world come from the higher echelons of society, the sons and daughters of lawyers, doctors, professors of literature, etc.
I guess that if you really investigated into this you would probably find it wasn't true
"Artists comes from all parts of society"
"There is no statistic evidence to prove that"
Of course.
Imagine if what the welfare state had accomplished was an agreement between the traditional lower classes, the unskilled workers, craftsmen, peasants and the traditional rulers of society, the professionals, the bankers, the industrialists, the landowners, the clergy, the army officers, and the academics. There would now be a general distribution of the most basic material needs and the introduction of free education and healthcare to all citizens to make things look "just" and make sure the lower classes don't get so downtrodden they start a revolution and lop people's heads off. In exchange for that the most fundamental structure in society was left untouched:

We let the posh kids win.

Can't prove any of it, can't put my finger on it, but it has something to do with a certain way these people carry themselves, a way of talking, and a way of establishing a psychological balance saying: "you carry heavy bag, I give order and sit in chair..."
They have a security about themselves that must come from growing up with people who gave orders instead of taking them, who handled power on a daily basis instead of bowing to it. The emergence of an overblown ego, which is the only thing common to all artists, is what directed these genetic masterpieces to become the producers of fine art which has always been supported, funded and consumed by the same cultural, economic and intellectual elite who parented them.

We let the posh kids win, we always do.

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