Sunday, July 04, 2004

I wish the rain would stay on that plain in Spain.
Well, my trip to Roskilde finally paid off, I saw Iggy and The Stooges play on saturday which was fascinating, mainly because they could still play and still had that sound which has inspired countless bands for over thirty years. Iggy was up to his old tricks announcing not only the names of the band members, but also their weight , which in the case of the Thurston brothers was considerable and the cause of much amusement. It was a thrilling experience to hear classics like "No Fun", "Wanna Be Your Dog" and "Loose" played by the band that had actually created those songs at the dawn of time.
As this was my lucky night I wandered through the thick layers of mud to the Metropol stage to catch the speedy beats of Luke Vibert - another excellent performance which reassured Vibert's position as one of the major players when it comes to innovative electronic music that still carries punch and energy.
The last highlight of the evening was, to my surprise, Basement Jaxx. Big techno stars for a number of years in their native Britain they've never really caught my attention but playing Roskilde's main scene- The Canopy, they blasted out the best in "rave-band-techno" What was great about them was not only the high power of their music, but also the fact that they had expanded their ranks from the usual "two mealy guys and a keyboard" so common to electronic music, and added six or seven singers, rappers, percusionists, bass-players etc. The whole show had the aura of experimental theatre, performance or the carnival in Venice meets rave as the entourage of rappers/ singers would don masks, costumes and interact in various poses during the consert. Great stuff!
And, yes ,the weather was awfull, but I've come to realise that Roskilde has to have a touch of the Eastern front, otherwise it just doesn't feel right and I've learned to wear wellingtons and a poncho so it doesn't bother me either.

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