Sunday, July 18, 2004

In the heat of the night.

Sun, warmth, bikini's, busty blondes with a deep tan, designer owners...
- summer has finally reached country of Denmark.

-FERGET IT! Give me the sleazy charm of the 50's club where frail creatures dwell in the twilight of the back room, where gender bends and the losest wrists packs the hardest punch, where the losers, the drop-outs, the bums, the jokes, the pervs, the has-beens, the runaways, the outsiders, the queens, the kings, the princes and the thieves can be gods on their own mount Olympus of shimmering silver drapes and papier mache cityscapes, and where the poetry of the boudoir flows under a 5 ¢ lightbulb.

Where there is hope.

(and I want my Martini stirred!)

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