Friday, July 02, 2004

My vacation started off with a bang and not a whimper:
A) My computer broke down. After six months of absolutely flawless operation it chose to break down on the first day of my vacation...
B) What do I care! -I'm off to Roskilde Rock unt Rohl festiwal! and the minute I left the train and started walking towards the festival grounds a thunderstorm broke loose pouring down cascades of water that would have made Noah anxious. When I reached the entry gate to the featival thirty minutes later , the rain stopped...
C) David Bowie cancelled (he was the main reason I decided to go to this years Roskilde Festival anyway) "had strained his arm..." I know THAT type of problem! Get a grip David! a rock star only has a problem with his arm if he's got a needle stuck in it!

Well, It's not as big a thrill being at Roskilde as last year, but what the F.... I can always eat a tofu burger while I cue up for the portaloo...

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