Thursday, September 23, 2004

Panzer -It's colour fun here today! - and this photo of a Jagdpanther is burstin' with it. The Jagdpanther was a development of the Panther but with a bigger gun in a fixed superstructure (the legendary 88 mm)
This type of design was labeled a Panzerjaeger or "tank hunter" and the idea was a panzerjaeger would have a more long ranging gun than the enemy's tanks making it capable of detroying them while being out of their reach. A bigger gun meant more weight and that's why it was placed in a fixed position instead of in an revolving turret like a tank would have it.
This specimen being inspected by a G.I was knocked out in Germany in early 1945 and comes from one of the last production runs. The German factories managed to put out new weapons as late as april 1945, but in fewer and fewer numbers, and as the allies began entering Germany's industrial centres, tanks were often driven straight from the factory floor to the frontline. This Jagdpanther might be one as it has never received any markings or numbers of any kind and still retain an overall covering of green colour which would normally have been covered at the factory by blotches of sand yellow and red brown.

Babe - She comes in colours everywhere!

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