Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Panzer - The Panzer V "Panther" was designed as the German answer to the Soviet T-34 which revolutioned tank design and proved a shock to the German armoured troops during the invasion of Russia. The early Panthers were rushed into service in the summer of 1943 and suffered from engine fires, but these problems were quickly solved and the "Panther" was probably the best German tank of WW II being more flexible and produced in far greater numbers than the more famous "Tiger". This specimen is an early version "A" recognizable by the absence of a machinegun in the front armour plate. This was later installed to keep Russian infantry from climbing onto the tank to destroy it with hand grenades or firebombs (the legendary "Molotov-cocktails")

Babe - It's glamour time again with this "tooth-some two-some".

And for the Danish readers: Ove Sprogøe dies, age 84.

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